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Partnership Announced


Multivision Productions, a Bay Area video production company, just announced a partnership with online self-help service,, to develop a series of videos aimed at helping individuals deal with the psychological burdens caused by the economic downturn.

Multivision Productions has over 18 years of experience in San Francisco video production and is a start-up which provides online tools for individuals who are coping with mental and emotional issues related to finances.

By shooting and editing videos in new and creative ways, Multivision, a major player in the Bay Area corporate video industry, will develop inspiring, hopeful and healing videos for ClarifyLife. “These videos bring hope to people’s lives, where there’s only despair,” said Hamid Massoud, Multivision’s President and an active member of the San Francisco corporate videocommunity.

Massoud, who is a 20 year veteran of the Bay Area video editing industry stated: “Our partnership with to create self-help videos has the intention of alleviating the pain experienced by so many people as a result of the recession.” He added that ", which is in its early stages of development is currently offering its online tools for free!"

Massoud has offered to answer any questions by phone or email regarding its strategic partnership with and how the creation of these self-help videos can help improve the lives of victims of the current economic downturn.