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Videos for Therapists and Coaches



Multivision Productions, a San Francisco video production company, is launching a new program to create videos for licensed therapists and coaches. Multivision owner, Hamid Massoud, who is a steady presence in the Bay Area video production community, said “We are planning on creating a series of dynamic web videos for solo practitioners, such as therapists and coaches.”

Multivision, which was founded by Massoud in 1993, is still at the forefront of Bay Area corporate video production. “We have already created many videos for therapists, coaches and other professionals who are employed in related fields,” said Massoud. He added: “However, we are now striving to expand our service to a broader clientele. We are also streamlining our video production process to be able to offer these videos at much lower price points.”

Multivision also plays a leading role in San Francisco video duplication as well as San Francisco video editing. Massoud described his primary role in the production of videos for therapists and coaches as a producer, though he will also be involved in shooting and editing of these videos. “I enjoy the entire production process,” said Masssoud. “Creating a video is a truly satisfying experience. Getting paid for it is an added bonus!” he added.

The videos that Multivision has so far created, include videos for coaches, writers, therapists and similar professionals who greatly benefit from streaming a video on their website. Massoud explained that these “home-page videos” have the advantage of attracting significantly more traffic to his clients’ websites. “Those who find themselves on my clients’ websites are much more engaged with video than the traditional text-based sites. And the ultimate benefit of having such videos on their websites is that they will get more customers who will take action after seeing their videos. There is no better way to gain new business, in today’s Internet-based commerce.” Massoud added that he always makes his videos available on mobile devices, which now comprise a major segment of the market.