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New Animation Video



A new animation video was released today by Multivision Productions, a Bay Area video production company. Multivision, which is part of the San Francisco video production community, created this video for San Diego-based Tealium, a web marketing and analytics firm.

This animation video is a new genre in the San Francisco corporate video industry. “To be at the forefront of the Bay Area corporate video field, we have created this new animation video which is a combination of hand-drawn pictures and digital video editing effects,” said Multivision owner Hamid Massoud, who is also an expert in Bay Area video duplication. Massoud added “This is the newest type of video and it is primarily utilized as online company introduction videos.”

Massoud explains that his animation videos are not animations in the strict sense of the word, since the images are not moving. “These videos contain still images which do not give the impression of movement, as true animation videos do.” stated Massoud. He continued: “The animation videos that we create for our clients, however, are similar to ‘cut-out stop motion animation.’ This is a genre of animation in which we film paper cut-out drawings. We then manipulate these images digitally to add texture and shadows. Finally, we add a voiceover track and in some cases, music. These digital enhancements will make the drawings alive!”

Multivision’s new animation video is based on a simple storyline. A hypothetical character, Joe, is introduced in the beginning of the video. Joe is described as being “in crisis,” because he needs help with his web marketing and analytics. Tealium comes to the rescue by addressing the issues that Joe is concerned with. This animation video which is only 74 seconds, moves quickly through the storyline and presents features and benefits of Tealium’s offering in a quick and concise manner. Massoud commented: “This video is intended to explain material that is otherwise hard to explain and the video has to be fun to watch!”

Click here to watch Tealium's short animation video.