Video Production and Editing

Video Production and Editing

Multivision creates high definition videos to convey your message and deliver high impact results for your business. Here are ways you can use the power of video:

  • Promote your business offering
  • Demonstrate your product or service
  • Motivate your employees
  • Train staff in workplace safety or effectiveness
  • Showcase your CEO or executive leader
  • Capture your live event or presentation
  • Inspire a particular action
  • Entertain and delight your audience

A professionally-produced video is your key to standing out in the crowded marketplace.

Videos for Your Website or Email Campaign

With a strategically placed video on your website or as part of an email campaign, you can stand out from the competition. Examples of online videos include:

  • Client testimonial – Most companies have written testimonials on their websites, but it's particularly compelling when you can see and hear a customer give a glowing review of your product or service.
  • Online video demo – When words aren’t enough to show your product or service, why not have an online video? Give your audience first-hand experience of your business offering.
  • Personal message from the CEO/President – A very effective way to welcome new customers or clients to your business and win them over.

Picture Montage

Create a memorable video photo montage for a special employee, client or family member. Just bring in any number of photos (30-40 photos per song) and the songs of your choice, and we’ll produce a video montage that’s sure to be meaningful.